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Doctors called unexpected methods of combating coronavirus: what is it about



sex cures virus

Coronavirus is spreading throughout the world, and the inhabitants of the planet are looking for ways to strengthen their immunity. As doctors say, standard advice on alcohol, a large amount of onions and garlic in the diet is nothing more than myths. However, there is one more advice of doctors, which is not without common sense – this is more to do love joys.

According to sexologists, as well as scientists, sex in general has a beneficial effect on the body. It not only rejuvenates the body, improves mood, but also really helps to strengthen the immune system.

What science says about it

“Killer cells (in other words, phagocytes) recognize neighboring cell formations infected with various viruses. Having detected infection, killer cells penetrate and provokes the infected cell to self-destruct. Thus, if sex increases the number of killer cells, it means that it not only heals our the body, but also supports its immune system, “said Swiss immunologists.

What do doctors advise

Doctors noted that to prevent coronavirus, as well as to relieve stress in quarantine, it is worth paying more attention to love joys.

“Official medicine says that alcohol aggravates any condition – this is an additional burden on the liver, on the immune system, so in general, it’s not worth experimenting. And some other moments that distract and uplift your mood are please and even necessary, “the doctors said.

What do sexologists say about this

In the context of a pandemic, doctors note that it is not necessary to make new sexual partners, as well as enter into an intimate relationship to someone, who has signs of colds.

“Sex should not be canceled, but changed. Remember that coronavirus does not live on the mucous membrane, but lives on the skin and on objects. Thus, it is not transmitted during sexual intercourse. But it can be transmitted during hugs before and after it, and the most effective way COVID-19 programs is a kiss. The Italians suffered the hardest because they love to kiss too much, even men do it when they meet, “said sexologists and added that even oral sex is safe and the most important thing is hygiene rules.

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